FreaX and GeeX

S1E2: Competition

After the first meeting with everyone in the detention room, Sam and I had a chat about mutants after practice. Apparently he and his family left Kentucky because people were starting to get suspicious. Now he is ridiculously paranoid, like everyone else and wants nothing to do with the rest of us. That’s… for the best.

Meanwhile, James revealed our identities to his mother.

The net day I cornered Justin and feinted at him. This time there was no deflection and the coward ran. At the end of the day I approached again, this time Sam was there and after some words they left to go play in a field.

Sam exploded a quarry (potentially very dangerous) but Justin denied any powers or kinship and Sam had to threaten Justin to keep quiet.

During one of my morning runs I felt something die near me and I went to investigate. Using my supernatural senses I felt something lurking in the woods and after a game of cat and mouse it attacked me, revealing itself as a cat woman. After a brief scrap, I cut her across the chest. She started talking to me but, honestly, I lost control and gave in to the dark impulses. I am pretty sure I would have killed her if she hadn’t ran away and that scares me.

The next day I round up a hunting party with N’tarka, James, and Blake. I would rather have not dragged Blake into this but he wouldn’t let it go. While searching I had to reveal my magic to Blake and James. Blake is skeptical at first but a quick demonstration shuts him up. After wandering around in the woods for a bit, we find her trail and follow it back to a road with signs that a car left that spot. Apparently she can drive, and probably lives in a neighboring area.

I had a quick meeting with Theresa’s uncle, Black Tom. He asked me some questions about my life which seemed a bit odd but I guess he might just be interested in what mutants are doing now. He also asked me if I would be willing to undergo some experiments with my blood to investigate my regenerative abilities. I agreed although I have some reservations about someone probing around in my body.

Later that week, Justin was on a bus on his way home when some guys started picking on some girl. There was a blue flash and the bus got trapped in a temporal bubble.

James and his mom were stuck in a traffic jam due to a bus trapped in time. While stuck, Maia saw someone from IniSol, a bulky man with face tatoos and a mohawk (compensating for something?), who she, after some wheedling from James, identified as a bounty hunter for IniSol. James decided that was his queue to investigate what was happening and saw the police forming a perimeter around the bus After some time he returned to the his car.

Later that night, the bus is released from its stasis and Justin is dropped off at home but notices he is being followed by some car. Being paranoid (like everyone else) he runs and passes time on a bench for a while before returning home.

I get dragged to the mall with Theresa and Rebecca to find some clothes for N’tarka. I would have refused but I don’t think N’tarka would have been comfortable in that environment. During the trip I noticed that I was getting an uncomfortable feeling from Rebecca. I am almost positive it was a reaction from my magic, but I have no idea why it would react this way. Maybe it has something to do with her Wiccan mom.

Rebecca also mentions that there was an explosion in the next county over where a girl was killed. The police have a suspect but there was no evidence of any bomb residue which suggests maybe a mutant is involved.

The next day some people tag N’tarka’s locker black and ruin her new clothes. Theresa blows a gasket and Danica tries to antagonize her. To prevent Theresa from screaming and blowing our cover I remind Danica (which I can’t believe I even have to do) that her choice of actions could ruin things for all of us.

Justin is visited by the Shade who thinks he was the one who stopped time on the bus and offers him a position in his new group that is going to try and change things for “the better” which I assume means he is going to change things up to benefit other mutants at the expense of those without powers. He tells Justin to think abot it and meet him at Foggy Bottom in a few days or meet with James.

Justin meets with James who wants nothing to do with Justin or any information about the Shade.

At Foggy Bottom, 2 thugs show up, one with a knife the other with a scarf, and threaten James to try and get him to let them see the manager, He refuses and they leave vowing to come back next time he is on duty. I always knew he was trustworthy, I just need to toughen him up a bit. He tells his manager people are after him and calls the police. He also calls me and asks if I can sit in to add some muscle.

Later that night he talks to his mom and the two of them decide there best option is to skip town. Unfortunately when they return to their house the Shade is already there. His new friend, “Tempus” freezes his mom in a time bubble and the Shade tells James to get out of his way or suffer the consequence.

Justin’s brother Chad calls him and tells him that he works for IniSol and that they have a folder on him and that what IniSol does isn’t very nice, even to other mutants.

Now that Justin realizes that he can’t just hide he got Danica to call another meeting with everyone and proposed that we reveal our powers since it is inevitably going to come out anyway. This seems rash to me, and irresponsible to make this decision for all of mutant kind but he does bring up a good point. Our debating gets us nowhere so we table the conversation for a few days at least.

After our first football game, someone burned into the side of our school that “X is here”. Clearly we are going to have to update our time table.

S1E1: Pilot

MARVEL FIRST SESSION: was kinda out of it so this will probably change tenses, POV, and tone eratically. im still pretty sick so i didn’t do any editing either. good luck

we sent to school. angela rode with blake, james rode with his mom, and I rode the bus it was very exciting. we got a view of the town with its wonderful farmland and forested regions. then there were suburbs and some giant corporation building. they are doing horrible experiments deep underground.
then we passed a park. it had a gazeebo. in the morning light, it looked especially majestic. then we finally got to dexter high. yay.
the school is built on a slanted hill so the main entry is on the second floor. james hates hills. there were also many other aspects to the building. but they weren’t important.

it was the first day of school so we had some dumb assembly. james and jimmy are in close proximity but fail to interact. thank goodness. angela feels the need to help set up for the assembly. no idea why. the football coach has a fucked up voice. i bet he smokes all the time. after working, angela sits on the bleachers. it was riveting. despite the total lack of potential for conflict, angela keeps a look out for anything outside the ordinary. some dick with a giant sweatshirt catches his eye. becca and some black chick show up. theresa cassidy sits near them. people are drawn in by her bitchiness and circle around her.

I show up and sit next to jimmy. sam isn’t here, probably decided to make the smart move and skip the dumb assembly. danica the freak is all alone. big surprise.

the principle gives a boring dumb speech. im not really sure how someone this lame got to be in charge of a high school. evidently the football team is gonna do kinda alright this year. whoooo. Blake talks about how much of total wad he is. we have a foriegn exchange student with an unpronounceable name. James manages to go through the whole assembly without anyone bothering him. I spend most of it dicking around with Jimmy and cracking jokes at the expense of the self important asses who end up speaking at these things.
the assembly is over. thank fucking god. we all go to the cafeteria to get our schedules and move on with our normal day back at school. no wait, that doesn’t sound right…

3 insecure fuckwads start bullying the new black chick. angela intervenes. black bitch can take care of herself. perhaps too well. the dumb jock is embarrassed and threatens angela to keep quiet. james dislikes xenophobes.

James analyses people around him to pass the time. justin doesn’t wait in lines, he waits for the crowd to clear then picks up his paper

justin goes to study hall. he sees a kid with a book. he leaves. outside, sam shows up on his kick-ass motorcycle. he goes inside to acquire his schedule

angela talks to rebecca about the crazy black lady. turns out nahtarkah is rebeccas foreign exchange student. she has a lot of weapons. rebeccas initial enthusiasm regarding the situation has waned. nahtarkah doesn’t talk a lot. they have no idea why shes is even here. angela learned krav maga over the summer. rebecca went to new york over the summer to hang out with her mom doing weird cult shit. then the teacher finally shows up and conversation about boring shit stops.

james head to painting. blake is heading in the same direction. they see theresa. she acknowledges the james’ presence. she even shakes his hand. turns out shes in painting too. she also compliments his scarf. they end up sitting next to each other in class. they have a simply delightful conversation about all sorts of bullshit. james wants to be a renaissance man. theresas dad is an interpol agent and a co-ceo. their art teacher is kinda a ditz. james fails to detect the scent of pot on her. they practice their brush strokes. im so fucking glad i took pottery and don’t have to deal with this.

theresa notices james watch and becomes interested. she attempts to find out where he got it with mind powers. james resists. he attempts to make a good excuse. theresa manages to wile her way around james’ feeble attempts at fending her off. james is enamored with her. you know, more than before. eventually though he manages to deflect the situation until later.

angela is doing gym things. nahtarkah is also there. wearing flowery clothing. they have a discussion regarding ethical ramifications of threatening people. the teacher shows up and makes them run around the soccer fields for 20 minutes. god, why would anyone take this class. the two crazy bitches decide this isn’t enough and a race is in order. they take sprinting posses and fucking kill themselves trying to prove that they are each better than the other. initially nahtarkah keeps up, but angela soon pulls ahead. a lot.

after getting crushed, nahtarkah asks angela if she is a mutant. evidently they have them on each street corner in [insert fictional african country here]. angela says she has no idea what that is. they compliment each other on their physical attributes.

in the locker room after, theresa and danica come in for the next period. someone asks danica for a hair tie. danica rekts her shit. nahtarkah mentions that she is also bald. danica doesn’t think much of that. angela tries to calm her down. danica doesn’t think much of that either. angela refuses to have anything more to do with the situation. theresa tries to calm everyone down. it fails to have any effect on angela. it does have a pretty strong effect on danica.

justin and james and sam are all changing for their respective classes. james and sam have weightlifting together. the teacher suggests that james leaves his watch behind. james refuses. [no record of further events]

justin does not initiate anything with danica or theresa

the lunch happens. everyone sits in their respective communities

angela and nahrarkah have a cute little heart to heart about why they are such bloodthirsty maniacs.

justin is hanging with his bros. sam can’t head to the skate park tonight, has to deliver pizza
got text from chad. wants to meet outside after school. says its important. kinda scared about what the hell he could want with me, but unwilling to back down from helping family when i haven’t seen him for so long.

angela and james have german. they have awkward conversations in german.

in bio class, james notices that danica keeps watching victor. after class james talks to victor. victor asks james if he’s a mutant. evidently he is counselling with james’ mother who evidently works with multiple mutants. victor has spiky green elbows. hes on pills to suppress his outward appearances. james tells victor that angela is a (probably) mutant.

justin talks to his bro. hes all cleaned up and got a new job. goes to the middle of nowhere and gives justin 4 pictures and a warning to stay the fuck away from them. gives very little info about anything

justin talks to jimmy about his “relationship” with danica. is unhappy with the situation. asks justin for advice. he has little to give but an offer for assistance.

james goes to work. on the way there, confronts his mother about the situation with victor.[record missing] things somehow escalated to maia threatened to take away james’ notebooks.

theresa walks in to james work and asks to talk to him about his watch; she thinks its similar to something her father’s employees made. james tells her that it makes him look normal. they both know each other are mutants now. and that blake is one. they agree to meet in the forest at night for show and tell

james is closing up shop and the shade shows up. he wants james to pretend that the man who will be talking to james’ boss in a couple weeks does not exist. offers refinement of powers in return. he heads home and argues with his mother. nothing comes of it

angela talks to najturkah after school. invites her to work out together. that occurs. nahturkah brings her spear. they head to the woods. they play rabbit and wolf.

Pilot Part 2: Revelations
The Formation of the Guild of Superpowered Angst.

James and Theresa meet late at night in the woods and talk about their powers. Theresa can scream really loud and James can teleport. When Theresa reveals she can also influence people’s minds James let’s her have it for taking away free will. It’s about time someone brought her down a peg and told her the world doesn’t revolve around her.

I mention to Blake in passing that their are people with powers in Wakanda called “Mutants” and that Justin Steel was a lot harder to take down then one would expect from someone so lazy and unmotivated. He dismisses the idea immediately but i know him well enough to know when he is getting nervous and defensive. He was acting just like the time he accidentally made a dent in my car when we were both learning to drive. When he won’t cut the shit I crush an apple to show him what I can do. Finally, he tells me he has been using probability manipulation to win football games and pass tests. I knew he wasn’t working hard enough to do better than me. He also starts projecting an image into my head which was incredibly disconcerting. I have enough thoughts that aren’t my own in my head, I don’t need him messing around in there too. Apparently this projection can control animals as well. Of course, Theresa is a mutant as well and can influence people’s thoughts… but not Blake’s. Or so she says. Now I have to meet with her and that James kid at lunch like some sort of mutant club. Great.

Blake and James have a small discussion during first period and they both agree to meet at lunch with the rest of us.

Victor passes me a note in pre-calc asking if I was a mutant. Apparently everyone in the whole goddamn school is a mutant all of a sudden. I let Blake know and I think he does some sort of mental communication but I wasn’t about to let him try it on me to find out.

During lunch, we head to the detention room. At least this time it’s voluntary I guess. Since N’tarka knows about mutants and I trust her more than Theresa, I invited her to come along. James, Blake, Victor, Theresa, N’tarka and I all meet in the “dungeon” and Theresa takes charge by explaining the whole “mutant” situation. Apparently there are tons of mutants our age popping up all over the world. It’s only a matter of time until one of them loses control and blows all of our covers. Also there is some bullshit about codenames which I think are pointless but Theresa insists everyone have. They are as follows: Theresa “Siryn” Cassidy; Victor “Anole” Borkowski; James “Cambion” Brennan; Blake “Snake-eyes” Hawthorne. Then we all show our powers. Theresa screamed with a sound that jarred my bones. victor is green and spiky when he is off his meds but just has a few bony protrusions for now. James… freaked me out a little bit when he turned off the watch that hid his appearance. I see why he wears it, if he had revealed himself to me at any time before today I probably would have confused him for a demon and tried to kill him. When he teleports he also leaves behind a scent of brimstone which caused Theresa to complain about the smell. When it’s my turn the only thing I can do is lift a desk since there isn’t anything heavy in the room. Theresa makes a snippy comment about how that isn’t very “impressive.” I guess I should show her how strong I really am by throwing her car on the roof so that she can get a more accurate assessment of my capabilities. Afterwards I suggest we all meet up and start training with our abilities. If someone does blow the whistle, I want us all as prepared to fight in case the government or something does start coming for us. As it stands, James is the only one who I think would last more than 2 minutes in an emergency. We agree to meet at Theresa’s house since the woods are too rough for her delicate sensibilities. I also will be getting a blood test to see if I do in fact have the mutant gene and my strength does not stem from… well it’s not important.

As we are leaving, Danica shows up and angry as ever and asks to talk to Victor. He agrees and then she calls all of us back in the room to show us she has wires coming out of her skull and body. Mutations can cause all kinds of physical changes I guess. She has been receiving therapy from Maia Brennan (which appears to be having limited success) and that is how she recognized Victor. Her brother Samuel Guthrie is a mutant as well so they are both going to join our after school training.

I still have my suspicions about Justin so I am going to see if I can provoke a response. My powers first appeared when I was in danger so maybe they respond to need or stress.


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