FreaX and GeeX

Pilot Part 2: Revelations

The Formation of the Guild of Superpowered Angst.

James and Theresa meet late at night in the woods and talk about their powers. Theresa can scream really loud and James can teleport. When Theresa reveals she can also influence people’s minds James let’s her have it for taking away free will. It’s about time someone brought her down a peg and told her the world doesn’t revolve around her.

I mention to Blake in passing that their are people with powers in Wakanda called “Mutants” and that Justin Steel was a lot harder to take down then one would expect from someone so lazy and unmotivated. He dismisses the idea immediately but i know him well enough to know when he is getting nervous and defensive. He was acting just like the time he accidentally made a dent in my car when we were both learning to drive. When he won’t cut the shit I crush an apple to show him what I can do. Finally, he tells me he has been using probability manipulation to win football games and pass tests. I knew he wasn’t working hard enough to do better than me. He also starts projecting an image into my head which was incredibly disconcerting. I have enough thoughts that aren’t my own in my head, I don’t need him messing around in there too. Apparently this projection can control animals as well. Of course, Theresa is a mutant as well and can influence people’s thoughts… but not Blake’s. Or so she says. Now I have to meet with her and that James kid at lunch like some sort of mutant club. Great.

Blake and James have a small discussion during first period and they both agree to meet at lunch with the rest of us.

Victor passes me a note in pre-calc asking if I was a mutant. Apparently everyone in the whole goddamn school is a mutant all of a sudden. I let Blake know and I think he does some sort of mental communication but I wasn’t about to let him try it on me to find out.

During lunch, we head to the detention room. At least this time it’s voluntary I guess. Since N’tarka knows about mutants and I trust her more than Theresa, I invited her to come along. James, Blake, Victor, Theresa, N’tarka and I all meet in the “dungeon” and Theresa takes charge by explaining the whole “mutant” situation. Apparently there are tons of mutants our age popping up all over the world. It’s only a matter of time until one of them loses control and blows all of our covers. Also there is some bullshit about codenames which I think are pointless but Theresa insists everyone have. They are as follows: Theresa “Siryn” Cassidy; Victor “Anole” Borkowski; James “Cambion” Brennan; Blake “Snake-eyes” Hawthorne. Then we all show our powers. Theresa screamed with a sound that jarred my bones. victor is green and spiky when he is off his meds but just has a few bony protrusions for now. James… freaked me out a little bit when he turned off the watch that hid his appearance. I see why he wears it, if he had revealed himself to me at any time before today I probably would have confused him for a demon and tried to kill him. When he teleports he also leaves behind a scent of brimstone which caused Theresa to complain about the smell. When it’s my turn the only thing I can do is lift a desk since there isn’t anything heavy in the room. Theresa makes a snippy comment about how that isn’t very “impressive.” I guess I should show her how strong I really am by throwing her car on the roof so that she can get a more accurate assessment of my capabilities. Afterwards I suggest we all meet up and start training with our abilities. If someone does blow the whistle, I want us all as prepared to fight in case the government or something does start coming for us. As it stands, James is the only one who I think would last more than 2 minutes in an emergency. We agree to meet at Theresa’s house since the woods are too rough for her delicate sensibilities. I also will be getting a blood test to see if I do in fact have the mutant gene and my strength does not stem from… well it’s not important.

As we are leaving, Danica shows up and angry as ever and asks to talk to Victor. He agrees and then she calls all of us back in the room to show us she has wires coming out of her skull and body. Mutations can cause all kinds of physical changes I guess. She has been receiving therapy from Maia Brennan (which appears to be having limited success) and that is how she recognized Victor. Her brother Samuel Guthrie is a mutant as well so they are both going to join our after school training.

I still have my suspicions about Justin so I am going to see if I can provoke a response. My powers first appeared when I was in danger so maybe they respond to need or stress.



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