Angela Hawthorne

Self-appointed guardian of the school


Angela Hawthorne

Solo d10 Buddy d8 Team d6

Dark Influences
Protector of the Weak

Army of One
Superhuman Strength d10
Enhanced Durability d8
Enhanced Reflexes d8
Enhanced Stamina d8
SFX: Unleashed. Step up or double Superhuman Strength for one action. If the action fails, add a d10 to the doom pool.
SFX: Rapid Healing. Spend 1 PP to recover physical stress or step back physical trauma.
Limit: Out of Fuel. Shut down an Army of One power to gain 1 PP. Recover that power when you consume an entire meal.

Sorcery Adept d8
Death Sense d6
SFX: Artifice. Add a d6 and step up your effect die when using Sorcery Adept to create assets or complications.
SFX: Absorb Pain. Add Sorcery Adept to your pool when helping others recover physical stress. Spend 1 PP to heal anothers physical stress.
Limit: Growing Dread. Both 1s and 2s on pools including a Witchcraft power count for the purpose of opportunities. Only 1s are excluded from totals or Effect Dice.
Limit: Emotional Break. If Angela has d10 or higher emotional stress, or has d6 or higher emotional trauma in a scene where she uses Sorcery Adept, the Watcher may spend a doom die to create a “Corrupted” or similar complication on a character of size equal to the die spent.

Combat Master d10
Acrobatic Expert d8

1 XP when you defend a person from a stronger party.
3 XP when you suffer significant consequences (suspension, jail time, serious injury) for defending someone
10 XP when you make a permanent, life-changing sacrifice to save someone, or allow someone to make such a sacrifice to protect you

Fear Itself
1 XP when you debate using Sorcery Adept in a situation and choose not to out of fear
3 XP when you intentionally reveal your sorcery to someone, or when the Watcher uses your Emotional Break limit
10 XP when you either remove your powers forever, or embrace your powers and vow never to fear them again.


While playing outside one fall afternoon, 10 year-old Angela Hawthorne fell into a creek where she drowned. Found by her cousin, Blake, and resuscitated by the paramedics. Angela has never recovered from this traumatic event. While she was dead Angela felt an alien darkness that seemed to be pressing in from all sides. After she awoke from the hospital, Angela discovered that she had developed super strength, durability, and agility as well as an innate gift for the mystic arts. Since then she has been training for the day that the darkness she once felt would try to push its way back into her world.

Angela has no brothers or sisters, but her cousin Blake Hawthorne is close enough. Blake’s recent popularity boost has put some distance between him and Angela, although they are still friendly and Blake is the only person Angela will willingly make time to see.

Angela used to be close friends with Rebecca Strange, but in recent years they’ve found less and less in common and eventually have just stopped talking to each other entirely.

Angela is insanely jealous and resentful of Terry Cassidy. In many ways, Terry enjoys all the things that Angela has given up on her mission to become ever stronger.

Angela does gymnastics and martial arts at the A2 Sports Complex, where she met Sam Guthrie. She and Sam have a slight rivalry. Sam is an amazing gymnast, and while Angela is good, Sam’s tumbling and high bar are on a whole different level. In their Kung Fu class, Angela enjoys sparring with Sam, even though he never, ever wins or even comes close. Over time, however, simple admiration turned into a massive, overwhelming crush, which Angela expresses by trying to ignore it and Sam as much as possible.

Angela once caught Justin Steel bullying some younger students along with some of his friends. She provoked a fistfight, which ended in victory but was surprisingly difficult, earning Justin some grudging respect. She hasn’t seen Justin start any other fights, but she’s still suspicious of him.

Angela is aware that Victor Borkowski is a prime target for bullying and is keeping a close eye on him to make sure he doesn’t become a victim.

Angela has never really spoken to James Brennan. She’s planning to take a class with his mom, Maia Brennan, but other than that is unconcerned with him.

Angela’s class schedule for the semester is:
1st period: AP Psychology
2nd period: Aerobics and Cardio
3rd period: Pre-Calculus
4th period: German
5th period: Economics

In addition to her class schedule, Angela maintains a very strict workout and life routine that can be found here: Angela’s Schedule

Angela has struck up a friendship with N’tarka. Angela has shown N’tarka her sorcery powers, but N’tarka didn’t know anything about them, despite having knowledge of the mutant gene.

Angela was present at the first meeting of the Guild.

Angela Hawthorne

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