Victor Borkowski (Anole)

Quiet, smart freshman


(Note: stats represent Victor’s current power-suppressed state).

Solo d4 Buddy d6 Team d8
Clueless Freshman

Covert Expert d8
Science Expert d8


Victor Borkowski is new to DHS, if not to Dexter as a whole. He has been living in Dexter his whole life, but was homeschooled up through 8th grade. This gave him a head start on much of the high school curriculum. This, combined with his generally cautious and reserved demeanor, has landed him squarely into the “geek” category in the minds of most of the high school.

Noticing that he was a prime target for bullying, Angela Hawthorne has started to watch him carefully to make sure he isn’t victimized by any of the bullies in the high school.

Victor revealed to James Brennan (Cambion) that he was a mutant, although his power set is being suppressed by drugs manufactured by IniSol. When not on the drugs, he is normaly bright green and scaly; plus, he can climb walls, camouflage, and has a really long tongue.

He is also going to bimonthly counseling sessions with Maia Brennan (Vibe).

Victor was present at the first meeting of the Guild.

Victor Borkowski (Anole)

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