James Brennan (Cambion)

Brooding arts student


James Brennan

Solo d10 Buddy d6 Team d8

Brooding Artist
Son of Mutants
Night Owl

Child of Azazel
Teleportation d8
Wall Crawling d6
Superhuman Reflexes d10
Enhanced Durability d8
Enhanced Senses d8
SFX: Distracting Teleport. Spend 1 pp to add Teleportation d8 to an ally’s reaction pool before they roll.
SFX: Lurker. Add a d6 to the doom pool instead of spending a plot point to create a Covert stunt.

Limit: Exhausted. Shut down a Child of Azazel power to gain 1 PP. Activate an opportunity or participate in a Transistion Scene to recover.

Psych Master d10
Covert Expert d8


Dark Heritage:
1XP: Reveal true form to someone who has not yet seen it.
3XP: Find out father’s name, or meet a sibling.
10XP: Confront Azazel or swear not to let parentage control your life.



Descendent of Azazel and Maia Brennan (Vibe). Given the ability to appear as human by a watch he is never seen without. His mother emphasized that he was to blend in as well as possible, and taught him the skills to do so, legal and otherwise. He is also never seen without his scarf, but as it was said, artsy. Is one of trendier people in town, but since no one appreciates it, he is often mocked for it. Listens to music that no one else does. He is often bullied, since this is high school, not to mention a small town. His work regularly makes it into creative magazines, but most of his classmates are unaware of this fact.

James works part time as a barista at Foggy Bottom coffee house.

James was once infatuated with Terry Cassidy, she of the melodious voice and flowing red hair. Also, the undisputed ruler of the social world in DHS, and the girlfriend of Blake Hawthorne. Which made things rather difficult.

Which is not to say James dislikes Blake. He and Blake were in AP English Language the previous semester, and developed a healthy respect for one another, as well as for Mr. Jenkins, the well-liked teacher of both AP Language and AP Literature, which both James and Blake have enrolled in for this year.

During his late-night escapades into the woods, James has sometimes seen Angela Hawthorne practicing by tearing down full-grown trees with her bare hands and feet. James is certain that she is a mutant or other superhuman, and is awed by her power. He has not confronted her about this, and Angela did not realize she was observed.

James and Justin Steel don’t get along. They avoid each other, and are happier off that way.

James’ schedule for the semester:
1st period: AP English Literature
2nd period: Painting
3rd period: Weightlifting
4th period: German
5th period: Biology

James is reevaluating his opinion of Terry Cassidy after she seemed to have no moral qualms about mind controlling people.

James was present at the first meeting of the Guild.

James met the Shade after work. He was distinctly freaked out by the whole event.

James Brennan (Cambion)

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