Justin Steel

The problem student


Justin Steel

Solo d10 Buddy d6 Team d8

Skater Punk
No Respect for Authority
Path of Least Resistance

Telekinetic Control d8
Telekinetic Blast d10
Enhanced Durability d8
Flight d6
SFX: Area Attack. Add a d6 and keep an additional effect die for each target beyond the first.
SFX: Unleashed. Step up or double Psychic Blast for one action. If the action fails, add a d10 to the doom pool.
SFX: Dangerous. Add a d6 and step back the largest die in your pool to step up physical stress inflicted against a single target.
Limit: Conscious Activation

Crime Expert d8
Covert Expert d8

1 XP when you discuss something illegal you’ve done
3 XP when you argue for an illegal solution to a problem, or are apprehended for illegal activity
10 XP when you pull off a major crime that earns you the respect of the criminal underworld, or when you swear off all criminal behavior


Justin’s half-brother Chad dropped out of school a few years ago. No one knows where he is or what he’s doing, and most take this to be a sign that he’s up to no good.

Justin hates both Theresa Cassidy and Blake Hawthorne. They think they’re so perfect, so much better than everyone else. Well, Justin doubts they can throw lightning bolts, so that’s one thing that he can do better than either of them.

Justin hangs out with both Sam Guthrie and Jimmy Jenkins at the skate park. He tries to get close to Jimmy, who everyone thinks is going to be a pro skater someday soon.

Justin is “friends” with Victor Borkowski, which means that they occasionally get together to “study”, which means that Victor more or less does Justin’s homework for him. So far, Victor hasn’t really put up much of a fight about it.

Angela Hawthorne beat Justin up one time when he was giving some freshmen a hard time. She took him down hard and fast, even with the small amount of telekinetic protection he was giving himself. That was not fun, but he was over the line with how he was treating the freshmen so he doesn’t hold much against her. Still, he doesn’t want that to happen again, so he views Angela with a cautious respect.

As for James Brennan? That artsy-fartsy kid? The less Justin has to see him, the better off they both are.

Justin’s schedule for the semester:
1st period: Study hall
2nd period: Study hall
3rd period: Gym
4th period: Pottery
5th period: Geometry
Note: two Study Hall periods is the maximum allowed per semester. Students are required to check in with a librarian at the beginning of each study hall—failure to do so counts as truancy and can result in disciplinary action. Students are also not permitted to leave school grounds during study hall periods without being signed out by their parent or guardian. (but nobody actually checks this part).

Justin Steel

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