Tristan Jenkins

Everybody's favorite English teacher


Tristan Jenkins is one of the most senior teachers DHS. He has taught English and History for years, but recently has focused primarily on teaching both AP English Language and AP English Literature. He has an amazing reputation, both among students and staff, as being remarkably understanding while also demanding excellent performance from his students. Graduated students have described his classes as “life-changing” and he frequently receives visits from college students he taught before.

Mr. Jenkins is the father of Jimmy Jenkins, who does not share his father’s appreciation for the written word. Mr. Jenkins wishes his son were more academically inclined, but provided that Jimmy maintains a decent GPA he’s happy to let his son skate all he likes.

James Brennan and Blake Hawthorne attended his AP English Language class last year and were both inspired by it. The two are now taking the more advanced AP English Literature class this year. Mr. Jenkins sees lots of potential in James’ poetry and writing, although he feels that James’ writing is currently suffering from an abundance of bitterness. Blake is a better literary analyst than an actual writer, but Mr. Jenkins thinks that it’s admirable that Blake puts so much effort into both his sports and his academics.

Mr. Jenkins has also started a workplace romance with Maia Brennan. They are both too busy to see each other much. They also have decided to keep their romance somewhat secret from their coworkers and their children, to avoid unnecessary gossip.

Tristan Jenkins

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