Maia Brennan (Vibe)

Psych teacher, mother, mutant


Her mutant power gives her the ability to vibrate her body like a tuning fork, which confers a number of related abilities. First, she can produce a clear tone at any frequency within human hearing and a little beyond (allowing for dog-whistle pitches) as well as white noise. She can also have her body act as a resonator, amplifying certain nearby sounds, or can invert the resonance to dampen sounds instead. This dampening ability can also be used to reduce the effect of kinetic impact such as falling or being punched.

Lifelong exposure to the vibrations has caused her muscles to become highly toned and strong, while not appearing any stronger than a typically fit human female. Tuned properly, the vibrations also greatly reduce friction and air resistance. This allows her to “skate” over the ground much faster than the average human can, with a top speed of around 30 mph.


Maia Brennan is a teacher at DHS, teaching sociology, AP Psych, and the “life skills” course which is one of the most popular blow-off courses.

She is also the mother of James Brennan. She, like her son, is a mutant, and goes by the mutant alias Vibe. The father of James Brennan is a powerful inter-dimensional mutant named Azazel, who managed to escape the dimension which acts as his prison briefly for the whirlwind romance that produced James Brennan. Her son was born with physical abnormalities from his X-gene. For the first few years of her son’s life, she worked for IniSol; she signed non-disclosure agreements which prevent her from discussing the nature of this work. Through unknown means, she acquired a watch which produces a holographic image of a normal human which she provided for her son, allowing him to enter normal society. Using her knowledge of psychology, she has taught her son how to blend in and draw as little attention as possible. Because of her teacher’s paycheck, there was never much luxury in the Brennan household, although they never went hungry. She encouraged James to take a job, which led to his employment at Foggy Bottom.

Angela Hawthorne has enrolled in Maia’s AP Psych class.

She has recently begun dating coworker Tristan Jenkins, although neither her son nor Tristan’s son Jimmy are aware of such.

Maia does some counseling on the side; it is known that there are at least two students at DHS who she sees regularly, both of whom are mutants. These are Victor Borkowski (Anole) and Danica Guthrie (Wires)

Maia Brennan (Vibe)

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