Danica Guthrie (Wires)

Creepy Goth with a Computer Fetish


Solo d8 Buddy d4 Team d6
Freaky Bald Chick
1337 Hacker
Short Fuse

Copper Coils
Stretching d8
Technology Control d8
Electric Blast d8
Electric Resistance d8

SFX: Entangling Wires. When inflicting a grapple-based complication on a target, add a d6 and step up the effect die.
SFX: Absorption. On a successful reaction against and electricity-based attack, convert your opponents effect die into an Electric Blast stunt or step up Electric Blast. Spend a doom die if the reaction failed.
Limit:Depleted Charge. Shutdown a Copper Coils power to gain 1 PP. Activate an opportunity to recover.

Tech Master d10
Menace Expert d8


Danica Guthrie is most well known as “that freaky bald chick”. She is very touchy about her baldness, as well as about most things, so most people tend to leave her alone. She’s a very hostile individual, although it seems to be primarily a defense mechanism rather than outright aggression. She hangs out with the goth crowd in the cafeteria, but always seems to spend more time on her laptop than actually talking to her “friends.”

Danica is the younger sister of Sam Guthrie, and the second-oldest of the Guthrie family, which moved to Dexter from Kentucky two years ago.

Danica is currently friends-with-benefits with Jimmy Jenkins. He sometimes tries to sit with her at lunch but she completely ignores him and refuses to talk to him.

Danica goes to therapy with Maia Brennan; she recognized Victor Borkowski from there. She crashed the first meeting of the Guild.

Danica Guthrie (Wires)

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