A2 Sports Complex and Skate Park

The nearest city, Ann Arbor, recently constructed a huge, beautifully designed sports complex. The sports complex holds both indoor and outdoor running tracks, several basketball, handball and tennis courts, two weightrooms, a bank of treadmills and other aerobic equipment, a gym with a large selection of gymnastic equipment, and a huge swimming pool. There are also smaller rooms that can be rented out, and you can almost always find a yoga class, a martial arts class, an aerobics class, or any number of other athletic classes running.

Behind the complex itself is an extensive skate park filled with ramps, platforms, and rails. Despite the best efforts of the custodial staff the park is perpetually covered in graffiti. The skate park is surrounded by a fence, and is supposedly closed at night, but the fence is easy to climb and there is no surveillance, making it a favorite hangout for kids looking for a late-night thrill.

Angela Hawthorne spends much of her time here doing gymanastics and taking martial arts classes.

Justin Steel and Jimmy Jenkins use the skate park regularly.

Sam Guthrie takes martial arts and gymnastics with Angela, and while he doesn’t skate he does use the skate park’s ramps and walls for some parkour practice.

A2 Sports Complex and Skate Park

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