Foggy Bottom

Foggy Bottom is the most popular teen hangout in the town of Dexter. It’s a coffee shop with the best quality coffee in Dexter. The name and decor are themed after mountain climbing, and has a wall of pictures of people who have taken Foggy Bottom Coffee House merchandise to the top of mountains around the world.

The shop is located walking distance from the high school, and many students will go their to study or just hang out after class. A handful of students are also hired as baristas and waitstaff. In the back of the shop is a small stage, and on Friday and Saturday nights it can be reserved by performers such as the many local garage bands, and occasionally an aspiring stand-up comic.

James Brennan works here part time as a barista.

Theresa Cassidy occasionally sings here on Friday nights.

Justin Steel wouldn’t be caught dead there.

Foggy Bottom

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