Sam Guthrie

Thrill-seeking Country Boy


Sam Guthrie is a senior at DHS, although with his grades the way they are it’s not impossible that he may end up staying another year before graduation. He’s always late for class, when he shows up at all, and he doesn’t seem to care about school so long as he maintains a not-failing grade.

What he lacks in academics, however, he makes up for in confidence and sex appeal. He’s a well-known adrenaline junkie, with a passion for gymnastics, parkour, and martial arts, as well as motorcycle riding. He wears long-sleeve shirts that are usually falling to threads, and a Carhart jacket that is about a size too big during the winter. However, his poor attire isn’t enough to distract from his amazingly toned physique, making all the girls drool over him when he’s not looking. Despite this, he is currently single.

Sam and his family moved to Dexter from Kentucky two years ago. The Guthrie family is very large, and Sam is the oldest. One of his sisters is Danica Guthrie, who is two years younger. He only ever speaks of her highly, and won’t let anyone say anything bad about her within his hearing. They have very different interests, however, and don’t spend much time together.

He works out at the A2 Sports Complex and Skate Park frequently. He uses the skate park area for parkour practice, and takes gymnastics and Kung Fu classes in the complex itself. At school and in the skate park, he hangs out with Justin Steel and Jimmy Jenkins.

He does gymnastics and Kung Fu with Angela Hawthorne. There’s a friendly rivalry between them, not that either one would admit it. Sam is clearly better than Angela at anything acrobatic, but any time they spar in martial arts Angela mops the floor with him. Sam is oblivious to the fact that Angela is harboring a massive crush on him, mostly because she expresses this crush by aggressively ignoring him.

Sam works at the local pizza shop on-site as a waiter and as a delivery boy on his motorcycle, which he bought broken-down and fixed up himself. During the summer he doubles up with landscaping and painting work.

Danica stated that Sam is also a mutant, and that his power was to “fly by exploding”.

Sam Guthrie

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