Jimmy Jenkins

A really good skater. Could go pro.


Pre-professional skateboarder d8
Solo d4 Buddy d8 Team d6
Enhanced speed d8


Jimmy Jenkins is a freshman at DHS. He hangs out with the “burnouts”, but unlike most of them he actually goes to class and does his homework. This is probably because his father, Mr. Jenkins, is a teacher at DHS.

Jimmy’s real passion, however, is skateboarding. He spends every available moment at the A2 Skate Park, and has become amazingly talented at it. There are rumors that he has been approached by talent scouts to compete in skate tournaments. He denies all such rumors, but everyone expects that he’ll go pro someday.

Jimmy is friends with Justin Steel, another burnout skater punk. Justin is not nearly as good a skater as Jimmy, and seems to be trying to associate with Jimmy in the hopes that some of Jimmy’s future success will rub off on him somehow. Jimmy occasionally buys small amounts of marijuana from Justin, but is afraid that his dad will find out if he’s not careful.

Jimmy is currently in a friends-with-benefits situation with Danica Guthrie, although it may be more accurate to say they are just two people who bang occasionally, as Danica has expressed no interest in Jimmy outside of the purely physical. Recently, Jimmy has started to feel resentful of this callous treatment, although he’s not sure if he wants more commitment in the relationship.

Jimmy Jenkins

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