Rebecca Strange

Painfully normal


Rebecca Strange is average. That’s really the only way to describe her, because she lacks any really distinctive qualities. She’s short, but not tiny. She’s not unattractive, but she’s never described as anything more than just “cute.” She has a pleasant personality but lacks the self-confidence to be really popular. She isn’t athletic. She sings in the choir and acts in school plays and musicals, but only gets chorus roles. She plans to go to college, although her academics are middle-of-the-pack. She’s unremarkable in nearly every way, and she hates it.

Rebecca has two brothers and is the middle child. Her older brother left for college last year, and her younger brother hasn’t started high school yet, leaving her the only one of her family in high school.

Rebecca and Angela Hawthorne used to be close friends, many years ago, but they have since grown apart. Rebecca generally avoids Angela, to avoid being associated with someone so notoriously violent.

Rebecca is utterly devoted to Theresa Cassidy, who she regards as her best friend. Alone, Rebecca is ignored, but when she’s with Terry, she gets attention and admiration from the other sycophants in Theresa’s entourage.

However, Rebecca is secretly in love with Terry’s boyfriend, the star quarterback Blake Hawthorne. She met him years ago, when she was friends with Angela, but was afraid to make a move. She waited too long- now, Blake is a star athlete, and is dating Terry. Rebecca feels trapped, like she can’t really tell Blake how she feels, because doing so would ruin her relationship with Theresa, and chances are Blake isn’t interested in her anyway. Needless to say, there have been many nights of sobbing alone with a romance film and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

Rebecca is N’tarka’s host sister. Rebecca is terrified of her new roommate, who brought a substantial collection of weaponry with her from Wakanda.

Rebecca Strange

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