Blake Hawthorne (Snake Eyes)

The kid with it all


Blake Hawthorne

Solo d4 Buddy d8 Team d6

Probability Manipulation
Superhuman Reflexes d10
Enhanced Senses d8
SFX: Karmic Rebound. On a successful reaction against a physical stress attack action, inflict a bad-luck related complication with your effect die. Spend a doom die to step it up.
SFX: Second Chance. Spend a doom die to reroll any action involving a Probability Manipulation die.
Limit: Backdraft. Turn a Probability Manipulation power into a complication to add a d6 or step up a die in the doom pool.

Low-level empath
Telepathy d6
Mind Control d6
Animal Control d8
Psychic Resistance d8
SFX: Boost. Shut down Telepathy to step up Psychic Resistance. Step it back down to recover.
Limit: Eye contact. Telepathy, Mind Control, and Animal Control can only be used against targets who look at Blake’s eyes.

Vehicles Expert d8
Psych Expert d8
Combat Expert d8


Blake Hawthorne is the quarterback for the DHS Dreadnaughts. Dexter’s football team has historically been god-awful, one of the worst in the state. Last year, Blake was a benchwarmer for most of the season, and the team was on its usual losing streak. That is, until the game between Dexter and their long-standing rivals Chelsea. Unlike Dexter, Chelsea has had a good team for years, and at the beginning of the fourth quarter Dexter was down by what seemed like an insurmountable deficit. That is, until the starting quartback for Dexter was sacked, and broke a bone in his throwing hand, forcing the coach to put in Blake. The very next play, Blake threw a hail-mary pass and the receiver caught it, running it in for a touchdown. The rest of the quarter was one of the most astonishing turnarounds in high school football history- the Chelsea Bulldogs threw interception after interception, fumbling constantly, while every play the Dreadnaughts made went off perfectly. Dexter won the game, and Blake Hawthorne became the school’s hero. He was made starting quarterback, and won every game for the rest of the season, although the early losing streak cost Dexter a spot in the finals. This year, however, everyone’s hopes are riding on Blake Hawthorne to lead Dexter to the first winning season in over a decade.

This by itself would make Blake a celebrity. But not only is he the star athlete, he’s also a star pupil, getting straight As every semester on a difficult courseload. And just to top it all off, he’s dating Terry Cassidy, the queen of the school.

Rebecca Strange wishes that Blake was dating her and not Theresa. Blake sees the way Rebecca looks at him, but pretends not to.

Justin Steel hates Blake’s guts for setting such a completely unattainable standard for everyone else. At least, that’s how Blake sees it.

Blake is taking Mr. Jenkins’ AP English Literature class along with James Brennan. He and James are on friendly terms, having worked together in AP English Language the year before.

Angela Hawthorne is Blake’s cousin, but their families are so close that she’s almost like a sister. When Angela drowned in a creek years ago, Blake rescued her. He notices that Angela is highly antisocial and spends way too much time working out, but when other people try to complain about her, Blake will occasionally step in to defend his cousin. She treats him somewhat lukewarm, but this is leaps and bounds more friendly than she treats everyone else. He calls her “Angie” or sometimes"Cuz", which she hates.

Blake was present at the first meeting of the Guild.

Blake Hawthorne (Snake Eyes)

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