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  • Some muscled guy

    This douche works for [[:shade | The Shade]] and went with [[:chamber | the fire-faced guy]] to hassle the [[Foggy Bottom | Foggy Bottom]] owner, until [[:james-brennan | James]] put his foot down. He promised to come back again the next time James was …

  • Fuzzy cat chick

    She killed a deer and started to eat its heart in the woods; when [[:angela-hawthorne | Angela]] started to track her, she decided to play a game with her. It ended with a brief violent interchange, where Angela stabbed herand she ran off. Angela tried to …

  • Fire-face guy

    This guy went with [[:scab |some muscular dude]] to talk to (and, presumably, rough up) the owner of [[Foggy Bottom | Foggy Bottom]] to let them live in the upstairs storage space, but [[:james-brennan | James Brennan (Cambion)]] wouldn't let them.

  • Time stop girl

    She lives on the same bus route as [[:justin-steel | Justin Steel]], and accidentally (probably) froze the bus in time for a solid 2 and half hours. She was later seen in the company of [[:shade | The Shade]], and used her powers to help him threaten …

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